Representative Samples Public Beta [Limited Access!]

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the beta test of a feature that will give researchers the power to recruit nationally representative samples with the flick of a switch!

Our new representative sampling tool provides census-matched, cross-stratified quota sampling. In other words, when you use a representative sample, we take your intended sample size and stratify it across three demographics: age, sex and ethnicity. We use census data to divide the sample into subgroups with the same proportions as the national population. Meaning, for example, that your representative sample will contain the same proportion of 28-37 year old Asian Women as the national population.

In the future, as our participant pool grows, we hope to be able to offer cross-stratification on other criteria, too!

If you want to take part in this limited-release beta, you can apply here (or from the "create study" page on Prolific). Or, if you want some more information on how the new tool works, why not check out our Representative Samples help article?

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