Participant of the month: Nate Lakritz

We are happy to announce our participant of the month for February, Nate. He is one of the many participants powering research on Prolific.

Last month, he got awarded a participant star by one of our researchers, which is simply a way to say thank you for especially thorough and thoughtful contributions. This also makes him the lucky winner of a Prolific T-shirt!

Nate joined us all the way back in 2015. Here’s what he says about himself and his experience on Prolific.

Prolific: “Tell us something about yourself?”

Nate: "I'm a Computer Engineering student who enjoys completing flexible freelance work as a way to cover minor expenses and earn some spending money. As for hobbies, I enjoy video game journalism, working on my YouTube channel, and producing music. "


P: “Where are you based?”

N: “I live in California, USA.”

P: “What made you sign up to Prolific?”

N: "I discovered Prolific while looking for online work and immediately found the platform to be convenient and organized. "

P: “What study has been your favourite study so far (if any)?”

N: "Giving feedback on movie trailers was one of my favourites. Also, any study designed as a game is entertaining to me."

P: “What feature would you most like Prolific to implement?”

N: "A mobile app would be awesome, but that might be a long-term goal."

P: “Anything else you'd like to say?”

N: "Thanks for featuring me on the blog, and good luck to all the other Prolific participants!"

A massive thanks from our team to Nate and to the many other participants who contribute to the research projects on Prolific every single day. 🙂 🙌

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