Participant of the month: Mike Marg

We are happy to announce our participant of the month for December, Mike Marg. He is one of the many participants powering research on Prolific.

Last month, he got awarded a participant star by one of our researchers, which is simply a way to say thank you for especially thorough and thoughtful contributions. This also makes him the lucky winner of a Prolific T-shirt!

Mike has been with us since back in 2014, in the early days of Prolific. Here’s what he says about himself and his experience on Prolific.

Prolific: “Tell us something about yourself?”

Mike: "I worked in IT for 8 years before deciding to pursue a career in classical music. I still maintain some clients and work as a for-hire computer dude / web developer. I also love to cook."


P: “Where are you based?”

M: “I split my year up between New York in the United States and Brussels in Belgium.”

P: “What made you sign up to Prolific?”

M: "When I left the 70 hours a week computer world in 2013/2014 I searched for ways to continue to earn some side cash to supplement my income as a fresh musician. I was doing some small tasks here and there on Mechanical Turk and remember seeing the launch for Prolific being tossed around the Internet."

P: “What feature would you most like Prolific to implement?”

M: "A small but possibly useful one – an automatically generated monthly/yearly earnings would be nice to see. Aside from that, I’m quite pleased with how Prolific has developed over the years."

P: “Anything else you’d like to say?”

M: “I really believe the average completion times and estimated rate per hour are what set Prolific apart from other survey sites like MTurk. It’s why it’s the site I usually check first and recommend to those of my friends who are interested in participating in these types of studies (as well as earning a little bit of side cash)."

A massive thanks from our team to Mike and to the many other participants who contribute to the research projects on Prolific every single day. 🙂 🙌

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