Participant of the month: Hollie Phillips

We are happy to announce our participant of the month for January, Hollie Phillips. She is one of the many participants powering research on Prolific.

Last month, she got awarded a participant star by one of our researchers, which is simply a way to say thank you for especially thorough and thoughtful contributions. This also makes her the lucky winner of a Prolific T-shirt!

Hollie joined us in 2017. Here’s what she says about herself and her experience on Prolific.

Prolific: “Tell us something about yourself?”

Hollie: "I work in Accounts Monday to Friday and in my spare time my hobbies are ice-skating, Munzee, and Geocaching, and trying to earn a bit of money online to go towards my wedding next year!"


P: “Where are you based?”

H: “I live in York, United Kingdom.”

P: “What made you sign up to Prolific?”

H: "I was looking to earn money through online surveys/studies and joined a Facebook group where members posted their referral links to websites. I really liked the sound of Prolific and it had a lot of good reviews which encouraged me to sign up."

P: “What study has been your favourite study so far (if any)?”

H: "One of my favourite studies involved using the internet to find different URL's for good quality animal images. It sounds simple but it was quite fun as it wasn't your typical study and it was also my first ever study I completed on Prolific."

P: “What feature would you most like Prolific to implement?”

H: "Now that the star feature has been implemented I would like to see a monthly/overall leader board for stars eventually. I think it would encourage people to try their best in studies."

A massive thanks from our team to Hollie and to the many other participants who contribute to the research projects on Prolific every single day. 🙂 🙌

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