New Referral Scheme

We’re excited to announce some coming changes to our referral scheme, which should allow us to reward you better for the great work you do in helping us spread the word about a better way to run research online. Thanks to everyone who has told a colleague or friend about Prolific in the past! We have many exciting plans for this year to help make it easier to take part in world-class research, and to recruit participants to take part in your research.

The first most important change is that we’ll be combining our referral schemes together, so that anyone can make referrals of either researchers or participants and be paid a cash bonus. This applies to researchers, participants, and even those who aren’t users of the platform (as long as they create an account to receive their payment).

The other important change is that instead of receiving coupons (which give a discount on our fees) you’ll now simply have your Prolific account credited with a cash-bonus which can be used for future studies or simply cashed-out.


If a researcher uses your referral code when they register we will credit your accounts with 10% (5% each) of the value of their first study. e.g. if your colleague runs a study worth £1,000 we will split £100 between you as a bonus*. This bonus will be added to your balance and can be used to recruit future participants.

If you refer a participant we will credit your account with 10% of the value of their first cashout. E.g. If they earn £50 on Prolific we will credit your account with £5** (for every participant!)


  • There's a maximum bonus of £250 per researcher referral

** There’s a maximum bonus of £5 per participant referral

Referrals guide for Researcher accounts

Referrals guide for Participant accounts

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