Britain's Favourite Ice Lolly

YouGov recently ran a poll of Brit's favourite ice lollies and found that Magnum topped the leader board with 28% of the vote. This sparked a debate about whether Magnum is an ice lolly or an ice cream.

Here at Prolific, we decided to reopen the debate, and the results are clear. Brits prefer an ice cream in the warm weather to an ice lolly, with Magnum, Cornetto and Mr Whippy all top of the leader board. Perhaps it’s the smooth and creamy texture? Or maybe just our love for chocolate.


There’s some disagreement depending on your age though. It seems that 58+ year old Brits still have a fondness for the classics with choc ice and fruit splits claiming the third and fourth place within that age group. The top three spots also swap around between age groups, but Magnum remains consistently the top favourite.


So that answers it! When Brits need a cool icy treat, their preferred option is the chocolatey creamyness of a Magnum or ice cream cone. That's something that can bring us all together regardless of age. If there are no ice creams available though we may see some arguments about which lollies to stock in the freezer.

These results are based on a census stratified representative sample of 500 participants, collected 25-26th July 2019 on Prolific ( Participants could choose more than one ice cream/ice lolly, because who can choose just one?


Are the results what you expected? 😉

Prolific Team

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