Beta release of new participant website

You’ll remember that earlier this year we asked for feedback on the new participant site. You’ll be excited to hear that our work on this is nearing completion and the Beta version of the new site is now available for testing.

We plan to gradually make this accessible to an increasing number of users. You should soon receive an email letting you know that you have access to the new Beta version of the site. We’d love to hear any feedback on how you find it, and whether it's clear how to do everything.

You’ll notice a number of differences, including a completely updated “About You” section for prescreening questions, and also a new Reservation feature to let you reserve your place in a study and still have time to read the description and instructions carefully and make sure you are ready before starting.


We’ll also be making a number of changes related to improved privacy controls, which you’ll more about in further communication.

There are a couple areas you should be aware of where existing functionality will be changing as well:

  • Due to changes in the way Facebook authentication works, we’re removing the Facebook login for the new platform. If you’ve been using this method, you may need to update your password to log in direct to Prolific. If you have any problems doing this you can contact our support.
  • We’re aware that some users like to use study notifier plugins. These are not developed by Prolific and therefore we can’t guarantee they will work with the new site.
    You will still be able to access the current version of the site (via the legacy link) if you run into anything you can't do on the new version. We’d appreciate it if you’d report any issues to us via support (

Only once we’re happy that the site is stable and working for everyone we’ll be turning off access to the old site.

This is just the beginning of the improvements you will see, we have many planned new features and improvements in the future. 🙂 🙌

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